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Weird Russian Postcards
Boyfriend is doing his PhD in Russian politics and occasionally finds something delightfully odd for me to post here. Because 19th-century Russians were exceptionally crazy. For example, boyfriend discovered this collection of pre-1917 Russian postcards (sorry the date couldn't be more specific) that depict some really, uh, interesting subject matter. They are just excerpts from a larger collection held by illustrator Sveta Dorosheva, who has graciously allowed that a few be made public online. The link to the original site is here.

That is one terrified drag queen.

"I collect old postcards. There's so much beauty in them: luxury Retro Diva, amazing pictures, hats, dresses, shameless outfits... but the biggest surprise of all is how much the subjects have changed. Most of them would be unimaginable on a modern postcard, and some are downright taboo. For example, a child smoking: what was once touching is now outrageous".
Remember, guys, the upper-class Russians at this time were very consciously trying to cultivate French culture. Most of them spoke primarily French, dressed in French clothes, read French literature. It's only natural that they, like the French, would say, "Look! I'm giving a cigarette to a baby. Do eet! Suck on this cigarette, my darling! Life is sheeet, get to know zis!"

"Female Morphine Addicts' is my favorite postcard," says Sveta. "It would be impossible nowadays, but these she-devils are so delightful".
Nothing like glamorizing drug use, eh, ladies?

"Or just imagine — you get a postcard from a dear friend with this disturbing subject "The Heart's Anatomy": a contemplative anatomist stands over a naked female body, holding her heart and admiring it through a pair of pince-nez."
I'm sure there is a weird fan-fic out there about a scene like this. Or if there wasn't already, there will be, now.

"'Drama of Life' — that's self-explanatory: a wife and kids verses an alluring siren."
Don't you hate it when those field-mermaids come up and start nibbling at the side of your face? Dude, go with the siren. Your wife looks like she's one nesting doll short of a full set.

In (pre-) Communist Russia, dog trains you!

"An unusual portrayal of Little Red Riding Hood."
No kidding, "unusual"! Why is Little Red naked? Has Lewis Carroll been here???

And then, without QUESTION, my favorite two postcards.
The first reads "BETROTHED." The second reads "DIVORCED".