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Regency Slang - Section C

I found this list of vocabulary and slang from The Regency Assembly Press, here. I’m only picking a few excerpts, so visit their site for the full list.

Cackling Farts--Eggs


Canterbury Story--A long roundabout tale.

Caps - Pull Caps--To quarrel like two women, who pull each other’s caps.

Carvel’s Ring--The private parts of a woman--Ham Carvel, a jealous old doctor, being in bed with his wife, dreamed that the Devil gave him a ring, which, so long as he had it on his finger, would prevent his being made a cuckold: waking he found he had got his finger the Lord knows where [i.e. her vagina].

To Cascade--To vomit.

Cast Up One's Accounts--To vomit.

Catch Fart--A footboy; so called from such servants commonly following close behind their master or mistress.

Cautions--The four cautions: I--Beware of a woman before.—II--Beware of a horse behind.—III--Beware of a cart side-ways.—IV--Beware of a priest every way.

Cheeser--A strong smelling fart.

Chicken-Breasted--Said of a woman with scarce any breasts.

Chicken Nabob--One returned from the East Indies with but a moderate fortune of fifty or sixty thousand pounds, a diminutive nabob: a term borrowed from the chicken turtle.

Chimney Chops--An abusive appellation for a negro.

Christening--Erasing the name of the true maker from a stolen watch, and engraving a fictitious one in its place.

Churchyead Cough--A cough that is likely to terminate in death.

Cit--A contemptuous Term for a member of the merchant class, one who works in or lives in the City of London, i.e--the central business area of London.

Clap--A venereal taint--He went out by Had'em, and came round by Clapham home; i.e--he went out a wenching, and got a clap.

Cloth Market--He is just come from the cloth market, i.e--from between the sheets, he is just risen from bed.

Cloven, Cleave, or Cleft--A term used for a woman who passes for a maid [i.e. virgin], but is not one.

Cock Alley or Cock Lane--The private parts of a woman.

Cock Pimp--The supposed husband of a bawd.

Collar Day--Execution day.

Colt’s Tooth--An old fellow who marries or keeps a young girl, is said to have a colt's tooth in his head.

Coming! So is Christmas--Said of a person who has long been called, and at length answers, Coming!

Commodity--A woman's commodity; the private parts of a modest woman, and the public parts of a prostitute.

Convenients--Women of easy virtue.

Corporal--'To mount a corporal and four'; to be guilty of onanism [i.e. masturbation]: the thumb is the corporal, the four fingers the privates.

Covent Garden Ague--The venereal disease--He broke his shins against Covent Garden rails; he caught the venereal disorder.

Covent Garden Nun--A prostitute.

Creepers--Gentlemen's companions, lice.

Cribbage-Faced--Marked with the small pox, the pits bearing a kind of resemblance to the holes in a cribbage-board.

Crinkums--The foul or venereal disease.

Croaker--One who is always foretelling some accident or misfortune: an allusion to the croaking of a raven, supposed ominous.

Crow Fair--A visitation of the clergy--See Review of the Black Cuirassiers

Crusty Beau--One that uses paint and cosmetics, to obtain a fine complexion.

Cundum--The dried gut of a sheep, worn by men in the act of coition, to prevent venereal infection; said to have been invented by one Colonel Cundum.

Cupboard Love--Pretended love to the cook, or any other person, for the sake of a meal--My guts cry cupboard; i.e--I am hungry

Curtain Lecture--A woman who scolds her husband when in bed, is said to read him a curtain lecture.

Cushion Thumper, or Duster--A parson; many of whom in the fury of their eloquence, heartily belabour their cushions.

Cut, Cut Direct--To cut someone is to refuse to recognize that person socially--The cut direct was the most blatant way -- one would look the other person directly in the face but pretend not to know him--The cut indirect involved simply looking another way, the cut sublime involved looking up at the sky until the person passed, and the cut infernal involved looking at the ground or stooping to adjust one's shoes.

Cut Up My Peace--Disturb me.

Cyprian--A woman of who gives sexual favors in exchange for payment; a mistress or courtesan--Named for the island of Cyprus, famous for the worship of Aprhrodite, goddess of love.


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