BizarreVictoria Update

Hi, guys, a bit of sad (?) news--due to work-related stuff, I'm going to have to reduce my posting schedule from three times per week to once per week. For the first year of this blog I wrote a post every single day but that was completely unsustainable. For the last few years I've been on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, which worked well for a while, but I'm starting to become completely swamped under with work from my day job.

I really, really don't want the blog to start to feel like a chore (it's still grand fun, but I could see myself getting fatigued pretty soon if I don't lighten up my workload), so for the foreseeable future I'll do one post every Friday. I'm hoping that this means I can write more quality posts, instead of a bunch of quick reblogs.


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