CSS Shenandoah

Just another quick reblog today. I found this on Futility Closet's blog here.

"The Civil War didn’t quite end with Lee’s surrender. The Confederate man-of-war CSS Shenandoah was in the Arctic Ocean at the time, and kept attacking Union ships for four more months.

"By the time it stopped, the Shenandoah had carried the Confederate flag completely around the world. It sank or captured 38 ships, two-thirds of them after the war ended, and took close to a thousand prisoners. Oops."

Despite the unreliability of newspapers, 'commerce raiders' were not given the same amnesty deal that Confederate soldiers were given. The ship's captain was therefore hesitant to surrender and return home when he found out that the war was over. He was afraid that they would be tried and hanged by Union officers for piracy, as they continued to sink and capture ships after the war was over. He therefore surrendered the ship in Liverpool, England, where he would not immediately have to face Union authorities.

As many of the crew were British ANYWAY, an investigation showed that they did not break the law and everyone was released. The ship was turned over the US government.


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