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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Bizarre Victoria: a blog where I read things, so you don't have to.

I am a current PhD student in the UK (from America, originally) studying Victorian literature. I am writing my thesis, broadly speaking, on the Victorian aristocracy. Fairly or unfairly, the aristocracy have always had a reputation for eccentricity, and this blog is dedicated to capturing and sharing some of their finest real-life and fictional moments of bizarreness.

The goal of this blog is to remain firmly non-academic (though I will try to cite sources to the best of my ability). In my overly-analytical career, I have found that I need a place of catharsis--a place where I can recount the abject loopiness of something and ask, "WHYYY?" without worrying about finding an answer.

Of course, this won't just be about the aristocrats (though I'm sure I will have AMPLE material). I will also throw in a few summaries of frustrating or totally wackadoo books I've read. Feel free to chime in, whether you think I've gotten it accurate, or totally wrong. Please feel free to recommend (or summarize) Victorian fiction that has driven you up the wall. All I request is that you make it clear if there will be any spoilers.

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