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This is definitely the best post you've done so far. It's hard for me to choose a favorite part, but I'm leaning heavily towards the script format part in the middle.


I KNOW. I saw her picture in my book and went, "AUUUUGH, NECK!"

I had a really good time writing this post, but it took forever. Normally I can just pluck a single quote out of the middle of something and it doesn't need much context for it to still be hilarious. With the Marlboroughs, however, I couldn't just tell a part of their story. The whole thing was the ridiculous part.

Cupids coffin cartoon

Hi there

I'm trying to source a HiRes copy of the Cupid's Coffin cartoon by Charles Dana Gibson from Life Magazine that you feature above? Would you happen to know where you may have sourced this image from?

I need to get hold of original source and a HiRes copy for use in a Television series we are making for the Smithsonian Channel.

If you could kindly assist in this matter and contact me at Neil@finestripe.com - that would be appreciated.

Would like to correct the statement that Sunny Marlborough was left "destitute" by his father, although that's the idea he tried to project. He was a truly mean man; there's a bit more about him and his weird relationship with his father in the biography of his stepmother, Lily, Duchess of Marlborough.i

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